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Enhance Basketball Academy excels in training elite athletes across Alberta. No matter what you are looking for - individual training, large groups, or event sessions - Enhance Basketball Academy offers it all. Thousands of athletes already reap the benefits of our training programs. Find the ideal program for you and take your game to the next level.

50+ 5 Star Google reviews

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Blain LaBranche founded Enhance Basketball Academy in 2015 after a successful college and professional career. Since starting Enhance Basketball Academy, Blain has helped thousands of athletes improve multiple facets of their game.


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What our clients are saying

I have had the opportunity to see Blain work with a number of athletes, but recently he spent the fall training some of my senior girls basketball players from Jasper Place. Blain had an idea of what he wanted to work on with my athletes, but also always listened to my and their feedback on what they needed to get better on as a group and individuals. He took basic fundamentals, and was able to challenge the athletes to work on them in various ways, while also applying them to game like situations. Blain’s demeanour was a great balance of personable but also authoritative, in that he could joke around with the girls and have fun, but also commanded respect. I saw great improvement in the skills of my athletes over their time working with Blain, and I look forward to seeing how they apply this to the upcoming high school season.

Lauren Green

Jasper Place Senior Girls Coach

Blain has helped me expand my game immensely. As an NCAA basketball player, I only work with Blain in the summer months. I have done so the last 4 off-seasons. Blain understands the details of the game. Blain has helped me with specific details that have gone to improve my shooting and ball handling. These details have gone into expanding my offensive repertoire. Blain knows what it takes to add skill to your game.

Otas Iyekekpolor

NCAA DIV 1 Player

My daughter loves her training sessions with Blain. He is just what we were looking for in a personal skills trainer for her. He keeps each session challenging and has endless new drills that are multifaceted and she can build on them as she improves. He has taken a genuine interest in her development, personalizing the sessions to focus on the aspects of her game where she needs to improve. He sets a high standard and keeps things challenging but achievable. You can tell he loves the game and is committed to improving the basketball culture in Edmonton.

Ruth Olson


Blain has a passion for what he does as a trainer and he works to in-still confidence in my kids as people and as players. He's invested in the training and development of my kids as athletes and he continually pushes them to work hard and take risks. Blain's drills translate well to game situations as my kids have tried to be more creative and consistent. They look to adapt more readily to challenging situations on the court. Three of my kids have now trained with Blain and they look forward to every session.

Susan Palmer


Coach Blain is a high IQ, skilled and vocal trainer. He has continually brought my game to the next level at every stage of player development. With his guidance and instruction I have been able to pursue my dreams of playing post secondary basketball. Blain is constantly trying to improve the basketball scene around Alberta and without people like him, we wouldn’t be able to have the exposure and opportunities that present themselves today. Blain, through his own character has shown me what commitment, hard work and staying true to your self truly means.I would recommend Coach Blain to anyone who is trying to bring their game to the next level. He is the best basketball trainer that western Canada has to offer.

Hans Befus

High school player

Our family has experienced first hand, the determination, desire and passion that Blain has for basketball and for youth.  When ever people end up talking about basketball in the city of Edmonton Blain and Enhancebasketball inevitably come up.  Our sons have seen their game grow through a combination of technical excellence, repetition and positive encouragement.  We would recommend Blain and Enhancebasketball to anyone who is serious about growing their game, nailing down the fundamentals of basketball and hopeful for post-secondary play.  Nothing beats time on task and hard work in the gym!   Blain provides that.

Cam Befus


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